The memorial house of the first Slovenian photographer Janez Puhar is located in the cultural quarter of Kranj. It is a great experience for visitors of all generations to learn something about the secrets and life of this interesting inventor.

The house has a museum room with descriptions of Puhar’s life and the process of photographing on glass, a room of motion pictures and illusions, a 19th-century photography studio where you can dress up in the costume of that time and have a photographic portrait of you and your family made on glass that you can take home with you.

The house is a magnet for the eyes, so when you visit it, you should not forget to take a picture of yourself your mobile phone. Bring your selfie stick and get ready for timeless posing! #puhar, #firstselfie

So come and enter the time of the inventor Puhar, the mysterious world of illusions, riddles, photography and selfies.


The Janez Puhar Museum Room offers an insight into the life and work of the first Slovenian photographer, the inventor of photography on glass and the author of the first real photographic selfie.


When Puhar discovered photography on the glass, he said: “Hyaliotype is an optical illusion immortalized for eternity.” Check out some interactive optical illusions and motion 19th-century pictures where the eyes deceive the mind.


A 19th century photo studio where you can dress up in the costume of that time, look through the camera obscura and take home your photographic portrait on glass.